Rosie's Register: Lost & found cats in the Eastbourne area of East Sussex

  Rosie's Register Helping Lost & Found Cats

           in Eastbourne & surrounding area





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Rosie's Register is run on a completely voluntary basis. If you have lost your cat, or see a stray cat in the Eastbourne area of East Sussex, then contact Rosie, who will start the process of trying to find your lost cat, or catch the stray cat to find if it has been microchipped which will enable the cats to be back with their owners as quickly as possible.  You can also ask Rosie for advice on having your cat microchipped, or neutered.

Rosie and her helpers have been seen out and about in the Eastbourne area all hours of the day and night, trying to find lost cats that cat owners have contacted her about. She finds stray cats, and is able to get them back to their worried owners. Rosie is also well known by many of the cat rescue centres, and other cat charities, in the Eastbourne area and further afield.

Rosie first became involved with cat care when a volunteer with Cats' Protection.  Rosie then volunteered to become 'lost and found cats officer' on a temporary basis, and ended up running the service for five years. During those years Rosie has been able to re-unite hundreds of lost cats, and stray cats with their owners.

In April 2009 , Rosie went solo, and started Rosie's Register, a very busy lost and found cat service in Eastbourne and the surrounding area. Every effort is taken to try and find the lost, or stray cats original owners. However many cats prove to be truly homeless, and in that situation steps are taken to provide a new start for the cat. This is usually done either by trying to find a new home privately, or more commonly, finding a place at one of the cat rescue centres in the area, with a view to eventual adoption by a new family.

From April 2010 to the end of March2011, Rosie has been party to re-uniting over 250 cats with their owners, and helped well over 70 cats, that proved to be un-owned, to a fresh start in new homes.

Since April 2011 Rosie has been party to re-uniting over 150 cats with their owners, and helped over 70 cats, that proved to be un-owned, to a fresh start in new homes. However, not all lost cats are found easily, and shown below are some of the cats which remain missing, and stay on Rosie's Register. Please click on a picture to view the information of that particular cat.

In 2012 Rosie  was party to reuniting 143 lost cats with their owners.  For 2012 Rosie enabled at least 108 stray cats, that proved to be unowned, to have a fresh start in new homes. This was with some assistance from local, and not so local, rescue organisations that were able to offer me spaces but also, to some degree, by placing some cats privately.

Rosie has also helped rehome at least 40-50 cats where, for a variety of reasons, the owners have asked for my assistance. Usually it is that they are having to move somewhere one can't have pets, deaths, going into care and relationship breakdown. Sometimes, these days, it's simply lack of money.

Rosie would also like to mention that when and where she can, she also tries to intercept the Free to Good Home adverts that are all over the place these days, but especially in the free papers. She is very against these advertisements, as often the people who apply to adopt these cats (and it's not just cats of course, but dogs and other animals too) are not quite what they seem, and an animal's life and wellbeing is put in jeopardy.

You may be interested to know that Rosie, was interviewed about her work back in May 2010, for a feature that appeared in the October 2010 edition of the very popular Cat World magazine.

Rosie had a weekly column in the 'Eastbourne Gazette, for several years, where she mentioned the lost and stray cats that had been found during the previous week.  This very popular column ended in April 2011.

In April 2011, Rosie had an in depth interview with Sarah Gorrell of Radio Sussex. This interview was aired on Radio Sussex (FM104.5) during the  week commencing 25th. April 2011, on the Sarah Gorrell show between 1pm and 4pm.

2013. I would also like to tell you that Rosie's Register has been nominated as one of the three good causes at the Hailsham Branch of Waitrose, throughout July. This is where customers are given a token at the checkout to put in the box of their choice. There is a share of 1,000 for each cause; whoever gets the most tokens gets the biggest share of it. I hope you'll give your support. And thanks to whoever nominated us.